Truva Overseas Education Consultancy has been continuing its success in placing Au Pair in America and England since 1997 and is an agency that is a member of the International Au Pair Association – IAPA International Au Pair Association.  It is the Turkey-authorized agency of AuPairCare by Intrax, one of the largest Au Pair placement companies in America.

What is the Au Pair Program?

Au Pair literally means ‘mother’s assistant’. Au Pair, which is an international cultural exchange program , aims to help young people between the ages of 18-26 stay with a chosen family in a different country and learn the culture and language of that country, helping that family especially in child care.

Which countries can participate in the Au Pair Programme?

Those who participated in the Au Pair program; European countries, especially USA and GERMANY , are Australia. Turkey is one of the countries included in the Au Pair program. Because Turkey has NATO membership and application to the European Union.

What Does an Au Pair Do?

One of the most frequently asked questions is what the person participating in the Au Pair program does . Starting out as a member of the family, Au Pair helps the mother five or six days a week and works an average of 30-45 hours a week. Working hours vary according to the conditions of the country that Au-Pair has agreed upon. The person participating in the Au Pair program has the opportunity to stay at home with the children for two evenings or nights. The state of staying at night or in the evening with children is called ‘babysit’ .

The expectation of the family from Au Pair; keeping her own room clean, helping the mother with light chores demanded by the family, and doing all the maintenance and cleaning work for the children on a regular basis.

Who Can Be an Au Pair?

In order to become an   Au Pair, it will be sufficient to get information and correct guidance from a professional client specialized in AU Pair .

It is a very useful option for university graduate candidates to both earn money and learn a language by going abroad with the Au-Pair program. It is possible for the candidate participating in the Au-Pair program to learn the language of that country at a good level in a safe environment, while helping the family with childcare and light household chores, without spending any money on accommodation and food. 

Advantages of the Au-Pair Program

The Au-Pair program gives young people the opportunity to gain experience of getting to know a new country , living with new cultures and learning a new language.

When the people participating in the Au-Pair program return to Turkey after having sufficient experience in the country they go to, they become the preferred person in academic or business life due to the experience they have had.

How Much Are Au-Pair Salaries?

How much are the Au-Pair salaries is one of the most researched topics by candidates who want to join the program. Au-Pair needs to receive some pocket money from the family he is staying with. This weekly amount varies depending on the country or the family’s agreement with the Au-Pair. 

What are the duties of Au-Pair?

While defining Au-Pair, we specified it as ‘mother’s assistant’. In this direction, Au-Pair focuses on the needs determined by the family, especially the needs of the mother for the children. What is expected from Au-Pair is to be meticulous and sensitive, especially with regard to children. Since children are the most important task of Au-Pair , she should pay attention to the children and give them all priority during her working time. Especially during the hours when Au-Pair is in charge, it should take care of the children.

Au-Pair’s own needs such as telephone, personal needs, clothing shopping are not met by the family. Apart from these, candidates who have smoking habits of Au-Pair and receive psychological drug support are not accepted to the program.

What Are the Duties and Responsibilities of Families Against Au-Pair?

The family participating in the Au-Pair program accepts Au-Pair, who will stay with them for a while, as one of their own and as a member of the house. 

The family must allocate a room to the Au-Pair. Au-Pair’s vital needs such as nutrition, cleaning and shelter must be met.

Au-Pair Application Requirements

Au-Pair application requirements are the same all over the world and do not change.

Being between the ages of 18-26 ,       

·        Being a high school graduate or university graduate (University graduates are more preferred.)

·        To know a foreign language at a basic level, (Depends on the official language of the country.)

Being single or never married ,       

·        Being a person who has strong communication with children, is interested and loves children,

Not having a disease that prevents child care,

·        Ability to do housework

·        Non-smoker,

·        Having a harmonious and flexible structure,

·        Being a solution-oriented person rather than a problem,

It is ensured that those who receive orthodontic treatment are included in the program after their treatment is over,

Those who have a license are preferred ,       

· Female candidate preferred 

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